Post-Zoo Trip Writings

Before leaving for our field trip to the San Diego Zoo we were given two assignments. This first of these was a round-about way of asking for us to find the most endangered species at the zoo. The assignment was named “Conservation Contest!” and stated “Eliminate three species from the planet with the least amount of bullets. One bullet per organism. The least number of bullets used earns the title of “Conservationist of the Day”. Now although our teacher wasn’t actually encouraging us to find and shoot endangered species he was trying to portray conservation in a satirical light. The second assignment we were given was to find a sign at the zoo which we could easily Photoshop to change the intended message to its opposite in a satirical way. Below you can see the fruits of my labor.

Conservationist Contest!:

I found that using somewhere between 15-25 bullets I could eliminate the entire species know as the Ebo gorilla which currently resides in the Ebo forest in Cameroon. The second species that I chose to eliminate was the Amur Leopard which I found I could easily eliminate with somewhere around 40 bullets because there are currently only 35 living in the wild with very few in captivity the notable exception being the five now in San Diego after the recent birth of three cubs. The last species I picked for extermination would have to be the Seychelles Sheath-Tailed Bat which is native to the islands north of Madagascar. Despite the high reproductive potential there have been complications arising from lack of habitat and I would now need approximately only 100 bullets to wipe this species out.

Sign Photoshop Plan:

My plan is to take the above image and tweak it with Photoshop so that the last sentence will read: “But so is your existence so you might as well just keep doing what you’re doing”. I believe that this will provide a nice satirical twist on a sign that is aimed at protecting animals but which misses the fundamental problem of actually protecting them.


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