Political Info-graphics

1. Iranian Governmental Structure

What makes it effective: I clearly shows the relationship between the different political sections of the Iranian government. the layout is very simple and is clearly spread out enough to facilitate easy understanding without leaving a lot of blank space.

What is it trying to convey: I think it is passed off as a neutral add but highlight an underlying message. This message is that the real power of the government is controlled by the religious leaders as it clearly shows that the control the military, religion, law, and media.

2. Kids in Politics

What makes it effective: The fact that most of the information that they deem important is colored in either a bright red or blue. The layout is clear with the statistics on the top and the big graphic in the center and is not to complicated that the reader doesn’t understand the purpose.

What is it trying to convey: This info-graphic is trying to convey the fact that children’s issues are not touched on nearly as frequently as they should in the political world. It also slides in the political references by highlighting the times that the the issues did cover children in blue signaling more of a democratic viewpoint and having the majority of the issues colored in red.

3. 2012 Presidential Spending

What makes it effective: This info-graphic is incredibly clear. The numbers and the categories that they are tied to (in this case either candidates or parties) are closely linked without a whole lot of extraneous wordage. The colors are bold and yet easily distinguishable.

What is it trying to convey: This info-graphic is really trying to convey not only the vast amounts of resources devoted towards running for office, specifically the presidency, but also on the differences between Obama and the Democrats spendings’ and Romney’s spending. This info-graphic does a good job of manipulating information because although it says at the top that this is just from online advertisement people will interpret it as all around.

My plan: my plan for creating my “statbust” was to do something simple that really incorporated the majority of the information conveyed by the ad that I am changing. I was planning to use, as my base ad, the 2012 Presidential Spending ad. I am planning to change the title of it to something along the lines of “2012 Money that didn’t go where it was actually needed”. My idea is to further mock the candidates for their enormous financial expenditures which I feel do not set a good model for a president who enters office with an enormous national debt.


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